This Is My Post About Sasha Banks

Every single woman in the WWE has a right to complain. They’re still treated like a joke or an afterthought far too often, there’s still a very particular type of woman that gets featured and pushed often at the expense of others who don’t fit the preferred mold, there’s still a lack of body diversity across the board, and even as their headlining Wrestlemania they’re still seeing a fraction of the pay given to their similarly-billed male counterparts. Continue reading This Is My Post About Sasha Banks

Where’s My FREAKING Revolution: Evolution Without Revolution

Sunday October 28, 2018, WWE held their first ever All Women’s PPV. Before the event, I wrote several pieces about the build, about how fans reacted and about the unfortunate build to the main event and lack of build everywhere else.


After the event there wasn’t an immediate WMFR column because I honestly wanted some time to get my thoughts together, to figure out what I had to say about Evolution on a grander scale.  And there are a few things that happened in the wake of the event that I feel put a lot into perspective.

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Theories Of Evolution: Dee En Bee Part 2

Yesterday I wrote a take down of what I thought was the general vibe of what we were going to see building to the Ronda Rousey and Nikki Bella title match at WWE Evolution.

Already, I have to follow up to it because it has already gotten so, so much worse. On Raw, Ronda Rousey cut a promo that began with talking about how the Divas era made her sick, ripped on the Bellas for capitalizing on their husband and ex-boyfriend’s fame and success and then dive bombed into full on rudeness and slut shaming.

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Theories of Evolution: Dee En Bee

If there is anything that clearly depicts how out of touch with “empowering women” the people being Evolution are, let’s just take a look at how they’re already attempting to build the main event of Ronda Rousey versus Nikki Bella. A build that should have been a lay-up for crying out loud: Nikki and Brie have always just wanted the Evolution to be about them and their self-promotion while Ronda is fighting for the right of all women to succeed in WWE even if all they have going for them is being one of the most popular and recognized athletes of the past 5 years.

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Theories of Evolution: Who’s Really Ruining Things

Supposedly the Divas are ruining Evolution. This is according to a short opinion piece I’m not even going to bother linking to because frankly it’s not worth your time. But somehow I felt like it was worth my time to write a reply to the stupidity of the very idea that the women who competed as WWE Divas are ruining anything.

First of all, let’s be clear. The only difference between a Woman Superstar and a Diva is propaganda.

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Where’s My Freaking Revolution: Baddest Feminist On the Planet

Wait, grammatically that’s wrong. It should “worst.”

The thing about “Empowerment,” by which I mean the branded thing that the zeitgeist keeps trying to sell back to us at ever-increasing profit margins, is that it’s entirely without substance. You can’t go against it because it doesn’t mean anything. It’s an attempt at rebranding by the same places and groups that made us feel awful about ourselves in the first place, who have sold us this idea of femininity for years and who have now figured they can fool us by giving Malibu Stacy a new hat. Continue reading Where’s My Freaking Revolution: Baddest Feminist On the Planet