This Is My Post About Sasha Banks

Every single woman in the WWE has a right to complain. They’re still treated like a joke or an afterthought far too often, there’s still a very particular type of woman that gets featured and pushed often at the expense of others who don’t fit the preferred mold, there’s still a lack of body diversity across the board, and even as their headlining Wrestlemania they’re still seeing a fraction of the pay given to their similarly-billed male counterparts. Continue reading This Is My Post About Sasha Banks

Theories of Evolution: Who’s Really Ruining Things

Supposedly the Divas are ruining Evolution. This is according to a short opinion piece I’m not even going to bother linking to because frankly it’s not worth your time. But somehow I felt like it was worth my time to write a reply to the stupidity of the very idea that the women who competed as WWE Divas are ruining anything.

First of all, let’s be clear. The only difference between a Woman Superstar and a Diva is propaganda.

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