Where’s My FREAKING Revolution: Evolution Without Revolution

Sunday October 28, 2018, WWE held their first ever All Women’s PPV. Before the event, I wrote several pieces about the build, about how fans reacted and about the unfortunate build to the main event and lack of build everywhere else.


After the event there wasn’t an immediate WMFR column because I honestly wanted some time to get my thoughts together, to figure out what I had to say about Evolution on a grander scale.  And there are a few things that happened in the wake of the event that I feel put a lot into perspective.

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Wait, WHO Doesn’t Care About The Women’s Evolution Now?

“I guess you don’t care about Raw OR the Women’s Evolution.” I’ve been fuming over this line from Kurt Angle ever since the segment on Monday’s RAW where he threw it into Bayley’s face. Bayley had finally snapped and beaten up Sasha Banks after months and months of a slow, agonizing and frankly stupid sort of “passive-aggressive frenemies you know how women are!” storyline played … Continue reading Wait, WHO Doesn’t Care About The Women’s Evolution Now?

Nia Jax, Alexa Bliss and My Own Inevitable Heel Turn

I like the current feud between Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax.

I know this is not the popular opinion. Well, not popular in the circles I tend to be part of. But the point of my writing isn’t to carry out some kind of specific group agenda. It is to be honest about my own opinions and feelings, and I can’t feel like I’m really doing that unless I speak up with an opinion that might not sit well with my regular readers.

You might consider this my heel turn. I’m poised behind you with a steel chair ready to strike and afterwards you’ll wonder how I could ever do such a thing. I’ll try to make your trip through the barbershop window as comfortable as possible. Here are my responses to the criticisms of the build towards Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax at Wrestlemania.

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